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Fighting Climate Change - Gore's Challenge
Make America's Energy 100% Green in 10 Years
Fighting Climate Change

This note crossed my desk today:

Thousands of Repower America supporters joined Vice
President Al Gore on Tuesday for a Virtual Town Hall to
discuss where we should direct our movement in the weeks and
months ahead.

Together, we laid out some powerful steps -- from forcefully
challenging misinformation campaigns funded by big oil and
king coal, to protecting the Clean Air Act's ability to keep
our air and water clean.

But we need your voice to help us ramp up the next phase in
our fight against climate change. You can share your ideas
and get involved in this vitally important conversation as
it continues on the Repower America website.

Listen to highlights from the Virtual Town Hall with Al Gore
and share your thoughts on the way forward for the climate


We'll continue to fight against climate change in the halls
of Washington, D.C. and in communities all across the
country -- and we need you to be there with us every step of
the way.

Thanks for stepping up,

Dave Boundy
Campaign Manager
Repower America

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