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Repower America - Gore's Challenge
Make America's Energy 100% Green in 10 Years
Repower America
I got this message on one of my email lists, featuring Al Gore:

The Senate has decided that we won't get a comprehensive
climate and clean energy bill before the August recess --
which most observers interpret as a death-knell for the
legislation this year.

This failure would be hard to understand at any time, to say
the least. But coming as it does in the middle of a
record-hot summer and a series of environmental disasters,
Washington's abandonment of this effort is all the more
confounding and frustrating.

However, this setback only makes our work more necessary. As
long as we care about our country, our planet, and the
future we're leaving for our children and grandchildren, we
must continue to fight.

Remember: The climate crisis isn't going away. And neither
can we. It is getting worse, so we have to redouble our

We're already planning the next phase of our work, and I'm
counting on your continued involvement. I'd like to invite
you to join me next Tuesday, August 10, for a conversation
to discuss how we should move forward from here. I'll be
answering some questions from Repower America members like
you -- so please submit a question for discussion.

"Next Steps for the Climate Movement"
Virtual Town Hall
Tuesday, August 10 at 8:30 p.m. EDT
RSVP to join and submit your question:


The Senate's decision is a major disappointment for the
climate movement, but there is a silver lining. In the last
year, supporters like you have organized on an unprecedented
scale. And we've built overwhelming popular support for
action on comprehensive climate and clean energy

But by using the right-wing media echo chamber, record
campaign contributions and an army of well-paid lobbyists,
the oil and coal industries have stopped at nothing to
protect the status quo and their profits. They want to keep
using the atmosphere as an open sewer for the dumping of
their greenhouse gas pollution.

The Senate's inaction reflects that reality. We have always
known that solving the climate crisis is a generational
challenge -- and the urgency of the climate crisis demands
that despite these substantial obstacles, we must fight for
every inch of progress. The science has never been more
clear and the evidence is mounting day by day.

For those of us who understand the stakes, it's a moral

And so we must fight even harder. Together, we must continue
to beat back repeated assaults on the authority in the Clean
Air Act to regulate carbon pollution. We must continue to
pressure our elected leaders -- local, state and national --
to stand with the American people instead of the fossil fuel
industry. We must each take individual action to transition
to clean energy in our daily lives. And we must win the
ongoing battle of science against spin.

We can and must continue the fight. Please join me on
Tuesday, August 10 at 8:30 p.m. EDT to discuss our next steps.


Thanks for all you do -- we're all in this together.

Al Gore

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